How did we get here?

Back in 2010, when I started working out, I was doing up to 6 workout sessions per week.

I felt bloated

The thing that stuck with me the most was the amount of fluid I had to take in before and after the workout. I felt bloated and swollen half the day.

I wish I could have found a nice alternative to supplement. At that time, it was possible to take powders that were more or less bearable in taste and that filled my stomach... Or tablets to swallow as if I were sick.

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Workout Or Party - make your choice

The second thing that bothered me a lot was that I couldn't go out with my friends at night or sleep over. Because otherwise I couldn't take my supplements before going to the gym.

Even though I drank more alcohol to respect my body and my diet, I was putting a stop to my social life. I needed a supplement that was easy to take and easy to carry around.

And then...

Today, after 2 years of research with my team, we finally found a solution to make supplements more pleasant, convenient and fun to consume. This is how our first practical, fun and pleasant supplement was born:the creatine bears.

A pure creatine monohydrate coated with a 100% vegan gelatin with a taste and flavors 100% natural to respect our body and our diet.

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